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As an alternative to face-to-face trainings, we are currently offering our seminar portfolio as Live Online Trainings - without any risk of infection for attendees and trainers. At the same time, you benefit from the same high-quality training content and enjoy learning. Click here for more information.

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Embedded Software: Analysis, Design, Architecture

Key success factors for your embedded projects

Professional software engineering is the key to profitable and top-quality embedded software solutions. First of all, this covers the systematic analysis of customer requirements and the design or modeling of a sustainable software architecture. How can you achieve explicit and complete requirements? How can you achieve a sustainable embedded architecture, and how can it be maintained? These are essential issues in embedded software analysis and design - we provide you with answers.

Real-Time: Embedded Programming, Operating Systems

Expertise for software implementation

The implementation of requirements and the embedded architecture requires extensive knowledge of real-time programming with programming languages like embedded C or embedded C++ as well as of real-time operating systems (RTOS). Used systematically and with experience, debuggers and test tools ensure that your embedded software meets specific quality requirements. Learn more about the efficient use of programming languages, programming techniques and RTOS (real-time operating systems) for real-time requirements.

Microcontrollers: Multicore, Singlecore, Peripherals

Develop your application in no time - with the right know-how

Microcontrollers, whether singlecore or multicore, are the centerpeace of almost all embedded solutions. It is imperative to understand the architecture of your microcontroller and its development environment. This will enable you to utilize the functionality and performance of singlecore, multicore and peripherals for an efficient embedded solution. How do you make the most of a microcontroller with reasonable effort? Our trainings and coachings provide you with answers.

Test, Quality and Safety of Embedded Software

Sophisticated methods to achieve your quality objectives

The entire development process, through to the finalized embedded system, is accompanied by quality assurance and test measures. The purpose is to ensure that all functional and non-functional requirements as well as those from a (safety) standard are met. Various test levels, like unit test, integration test, system test, acceptance test and certification are the basis for project success and customer satisfaction. Make sure you know where to use which test methods and tools in the (agile) development process so as to achieve the specified product quality and how to comply with safety standards in order to fulfill the requirement of working along the state-of-the-art of science and technology.

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Know-how for Embedded Projects

Benefit from our experience in embedded software and systems engineering

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Embedded C: Programming Methods and Tools for Embedded Applications

This training focuses on the hardware-near C-programming of 8, 16 or 32 bit microcontroller architectures. You learn how to program a HW abstraction layer according to an architecture model. Operatingsystem mechanisms and services are explained by programming a scheduler. You get an overview of the whole lifecycle of a product - from the idea to project planning, software development process, testplanning, quality planning, acceptance, commissioning, operation and decommissioning.

Training Details: Embedded C: Programming Methods and Tools for Embedded Applications

Scrum in the Agile Development of Embedded Systems

You get familiar with the key terminology, coherences and methods and can thus make a significant contribution to the conception, implementation and optimization of Scrum your company's embedded systems development process (system, hardware and software development).

Training Details: Scrum in the Agile Development of Embedded Systems

Functional Safety of Electronics and Software - Implementation Compliant with IEC 61508 and ISO 26262

This training covers the principles of safety for control electronics and SW and deals with state of the art techniques. Amongst others, you learn about the requirements for accomplishing electronic system and software safety as defined by corporate and project management. You also get an overview of the measures to be taken in an overall system so as to assure electronics safety.

Training Details: Functional Safety of Electronics and Software - Implementation Compliant with IEC 61508 and ISO 26262

Embedded Multicore Microcontrollers: Practical Application

This practice-oriented training highlights the key mechanisms and the performance of multicore microcontrollers. The experience you have gained in numerous practical exercises during the training enables you to master new challenges related to multicore technology efficiently and successfully.

Training Details: Embedded Multicore Microcontrollers: Practical Application


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Plans for a Multicore Microcontroller Project?

There's no way around this topic for embedded engineers.
Intensify your knowledge in our multicore training!

Benefit from…
*A practical entry into the world of multicore
*Tips for performance optimization and SW architecture
*Exercises on a free USB stick or as download

… and get ready for future developments!

Training: Embedded Multicore Microcontrollers

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The Embedded C training provided extensive information and knowledge and wasn’t boring at all! The lecturer is extremely competent and has excellent presentation skills. I fully recommend this training!

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