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Software Engineering

Analysis, Design and Architecture
UML Basics and Introduction to Model-Based Software Development31.650On request 
Design Patterns (not only) for Embedded Systems4.52.475On request 
Design Patterns (not only) for Embedded Systems - Live Online Training4.52.475On request 
Coaching: Software Analysis, Design and Architecture  On request 
Programming Languages
C++: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)42.200On request 
C++ Advanced: Extended Programming Techniques for C++ Developers42.200On request 
C# Programming with .NET4 Onsite Training 
C# Programming with .NET - Live Online Training42.200On request 
C# Advanced Training3 Onsite Training 
C# Advanced Training - Live Online Training31.650On request 
Python: Object-Oriented Script Language4.5 Onsite Training 
Python for Test Automation3 Onsite Training 
Coaching: Programming Languages  On request 
Security of Embedded Systems in the Context of Functional Safety1700On request 
Functional Safety of Electronics and Software: Implementation Compliant with IEC 61508 and ISO 2626231.950On request 

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