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Coaching: Multicore Microcontroller Selection

The coaching services by MicroConsult offer a major advantage: our specialists introduce their expertise and experience directly in your solution process, thus contributing to the success of your projects. For example, we will work with you to analyze possible applications and the use of new software engineering or management techniques, develop concrete measures for introducing those techniques and then implement them. Doing so, we cover the following areas: system, software and hardware development, (agile) development processes, self-development, soft skills and software law.

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Coaching: Multicore Microcontroller Selection

Coaching Topics – Examples

We record your requirements.

We analyze your requirements.

We select the architecture that meets your requirements best.

We present the result of the selection process.

We highlight the related challenges.

We offer you training tailored to meet your requirements.

We are your consulting partner during the migration process if required.