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Renesas Synergy™ Online Training


Online-Learning Renesas Bild 1The market of Internet of Things applications is growing at a constant pace. As a result, design engineers require a flexible solution that can be easily and quickly adjusted to more and more complex requirements. To meet this demand, Renesas has developed the Synergy™ platform.

It provides system developers with an innovative approach to start product development directly at the API level, thus reducing the time for developing and designing new features.

Renesas Synergy™ Online Training

Today, companies large and small race to capitalize on the rapidly growing IoT and embedded system markets. Design engineers face many challenges-acquiring and mastering new technologies, developing code for low-level system infrastructure, performing integration and test, meeting aggressive schedules - all while facing intense cost and resource pressures. A solid embedded software platform is the answer to these challenges by freeing resources to develop differentiated products instead of creating and maintaining the fundamental, yet essential system structure underneath. Renesas Synergy™ is a platform that is truly complete, fully tested and qualified, and systematically maintained and supported so you can start your application software development immediately at the API level without worry.

We have developed two Online Learning formats for you to get started with the Renesas Synergy™ platform:



Online Training Renesas 1h RTOS Bild 210 One Hour to RTOS

In this Online Training, you learn how to develop RTOS based applications on your Renesas Synergy™ board. RTOS methods like thread execution, event flags, semaphores, mutexes, queues, memory block pools and application timers are elaborated on, so you are ready to build your own Express Logic ThreadX based application scenarios.

Online Training: One Hour to RTOS



Online Training Renesas 1h Cloud Bild 210 One Hour to the Cloud

In this Online Training, you learn how to control your Renesas Synergy™ from anywhere via a web browser.

Network protocols and services like IP, ARP, UDP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP, TCP, HTTP and Packet Pools are elaborated on, so you are ready to build your  own Express Logic NetX based application scenarios.

Online Training: One Hour to the Cloud



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